Resolutions adopted at the Annual General Meeting of SkiStar AB (publ)

2013-12-16 08:00

Resolutions adopted at the AGM

  • The share dividend was determined at SEK 2.50 per share (2.50).
  • Erik Paulsson (Chairman), Mats Paulsson, Per-Uno Sandberg, Mats Arjes, Eivor Andersson and Par Nuder were re-elected as ordinary members of the Board. All to hold office for one year.
  • The Board's remuneration remains unchanged, totalling TSEK 615, of which TSEK 155 refers to the Chairman and TSEK 115 to the other members of the Board elected at the AGM.
  • Mats Paulsson (Chairman), Magnus Swardh, Leif Haglund and Per-Uno Sandberg were elected as members of the Nominating Committee.
  • The Board's proposed principles for remuneration and other terms of employment for Company management were agreed upon. This implies, amongst other things, that variable remuneration may total a maximum of 40% of 12 times the monthly salary. The period of notice on behalf of the Company shall be a maximum of 24 months, and on behalf of Company management, a maximum of 6 months. Severance pay is payable only upon termination of employment on behalf of the Company, and only during the time until the dismissed individual obtains new employment.
  • The registered auditing firm Ernst & Young AB were elected as the company's auditor for a period of one year. Ernst & Young has appointed the Authorised Public Accountant Erik Astrom to the position of Auditor-in-Charge.
  • The Board was authorised to undertake decisions regarding the acquisition and transfer of the Company's own shares. The acquisition of own shares is to be undertaken on a regulated market and may only take place within the listed price interval. The repurchase and sale of own shares is limited to Class B shares.

Resolutions adopted at the board meeting following election

  • The compensation Committee shall be comprised of Erik Paulsson (Chairman), Per-Uno Sandberg and Mats Paulsson,
  • The Audit Committee shall be comprised of Per-Uno Sandberg (Chairman), Eivor Andersson and Par Nuder.

For further information contact:
Mats Årjes, CEO tel +46 (0) 280 880 80
Magnus Sjöholm, CFO tel +46 (0) 280 880 90

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